Submersible well pumps series ЕСО
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Submersible well pumps series ЕСО

The task of pump choice is quite serious and it is necessary to solve it in advance. You know that alert today - alive tomorrow!

If your dream of a country life began to take a real shape, then one of primary tasks is choosing the right pump for water supply because today it is difficult to imagine the life without benefits of civilization. The range of pump equipment presented in the market is wide and varied. But how can we choose the most convenient, suitable and technically perfect pump?


There are two main types of pumps for water supply: surface and submersible pumps. Surface pumps are used when depth to water surface in the source is not more than 8 m and in other cases submersible pumps are used. In this article we’d like to focus on benefits of submersible pumps.


UNIPUMP offers submersible pumps series ECO and ECO AUTOMAT for use thereof in boreholes with min diameter of 110 mm. UNIPUMP started its business in 2001 and initially the company engaged in assembly of autonomous water supply and heating systems for private houses; the company has acquired a great experience which then allowed choosing the best equipment and the best manufacturers - suppliers and creating a reliable product with an optimal combination of price and quality.


Pumps series ECO and ECO AUTOMAT are designed for use in household to supply clean water without any solids and long fiber. The pump body is made of stainless steel. The flow part of centrifugal type and "floating" impellers are made of high-strength and wear-resistant polycarbonate which provides a long service life and reduces probability of jamming in the course of pumping water containing mechanical impurities.

The starting capacitor and thermal protection are built into the pump body and this makes assembly and operation much easier. Rated power is less than 1 kW (750 W) which is less than that of an electric kettle. The pump operation is almost silent and does not cause any inconvenience to its owners.

In the range of ECO submersible pumps – there are four models differing in pressure, performance and power consumption. At the same time the price is more than democratic! But to make your water supply system fully automatic, you need to buy a pressure tank, a check valve and a pressure switch.

The main advantage of ECO AUTOMAT submersible pumps is built-in automatics. In the upper part of the pump there is an electronic control unit with a minimum pressure sensor and a flow sensor. The minimum pressure sensor automatically activates the pump ensuring constant system pressure. The flow Sensor automatically turns off the pump at the moment of water consumption suspending and protects against damaged caused by dry running operation, lack of water, operation when valve is closed and intake of air. To make a pump unit completed you need to buy only a pressure tank. The price cannot but make you feel good because you have so many advantages. So the problem of water supply is solved!

Now when you have known quite a lot about some types of submersible pumps, it’s time to go to the store and choose what you need: a reliable, intelligent, economical and efficient helper for water supply of your house!

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