Circulation pump – modern view of heating your home
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Circulation pump – modern view of heating your home

In Russia’s harsh climate conditions, heating is one of the most important and priority tasks for owners of private houses and cottages. Traditional solid fuel stoves cannot heat even quite a modest country house and besides, connecting to the central heating network is impossible. In this case the most reliable solution is to arrange your own autonomous heating system and hot water supply.

UNIPUMP, the Russian manufacturer of pump equipment, offers you UNIPUMP UPC and UNIPUMP UPH circulation pumps to solve this problem quickly and without heavy expenses.

A circulation pump is a core of any heating system. The pump provides constant coolant circulation and even distribution of heat throughout your house. Circulation system pipes with a smaller diameter are economic, efficient and look aesthetic. Water temperature difference in the circulation system boiler inlet and outlet is small which prolongs service life of the boiler itself. While using the circulation pump in hot water supply system, hot water is quickly and evenly delivered to all consumption points.

From technical point of view, UNIPUMP circulation pumps are high quality pumps with so-called "wet" rotor; cooling of body, inner parts and bearings of such pumps are performed by fluid pumping and this reduces friction and heating thereof and therefore minimizes wear. Condensate output system is realized in the pump body design. Rotor shaft and bearings are made of ceramic. Three-position pump engine speed switch allows adjusting room temperature.

UNIPUMP circulation pumps represent portability, easy assembly, high reliability, built-in thermal protection, low noise level, cost effectiveness, no need for maintenance. 2-year guarantee.

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