AQUAROBOT M pump station — trouble-free watering
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AQUAROBOT M pump station — trouble-free watering

AQUAROBOT M automatic pump station allows arranging a modern and independent water supply system for a country house and automatic watering the vegetable and garden plots.

Pump stations on the basis of surface pumps are used as a rule for automatic water supply from open sources, shallow wells or boreholes (with depth to water surface of less than 8 meters).

However, in most cases, a water source is a well or borehole the depth of which exceeds 8 meters. In this case special well and borehole pumps are used which greatly increase the cost of water supply system and arrangement of a well.

UNIPUMP’s specialists have found an original solution: they created AQUAROBOT M pump station, a cheap but reliable in operation, based on submersible vibration pump as “Rucheek”, “Malysh” and others with 5L or 24L pressure tanks which make automatic water supply to a country house available at a price. Now you do not need to monitor the pump on and off, you can simply open the faucet and use water in any corner of your garden plot.

AQUAROBOT M is also very useful when a water source is a well with a low yield. A submersible vibration pump has a high head but its capacity in not so high therefore there is no danger to dewater a well. A built-in thermal motor protection provides protection against "dry running" operation.


  • Automatic control of water supply system parameters within specified limits (with pressure switch);
  • easy assembly: there is a choke that’s why you only need to connect a hose by a clamp;
  • operating reliability;
  • easy adjustment;
  • ability to create pressure up to 60m which allows delivering water even to the most remote corners of your garden plot.

AQUAROBOT M, a modern pump station of economy class, is the best choice for autonomous water supply of small cottages and watering a garden plot.

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