Drainage pumps. Sewage disposal
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Drainage pumps. Sewage disposal

On the eve of spring, reawakening of nature promises us not only a good mood but also the problem of "flooding” so familiar to everybody. To solve a problem of sewage disposal is important for any owner of a country house, cottage or small farm. The best solution in this case is drainage and sewage pumps.

UNIPUMP, a manufacturer of household pump equipment, offers a wide range of pumps including drainage ones which meet high requirements of quality and reliability.

SUB 209 drainage pump with a float switch perfectly suits for fluid removal from tanks. It can be used for pumping clean or slightly contaminated water (maximum size of particulate matter is 5 mm) as well as water containing detergents. SUB 209 pumps are compact in size which allows draining water from small tanks and pumping water out of boats or yachts. A float switch ensures pump automatic operation.

In case of need to drain waste water out of decorative ponds, basement, etc. you can use the pumps series SUB, VORT and INOXVORT which can pump waste water containing impurities of 35 mm in size. At the same time these SUB pumps have a built-in float switch which allows using them even with tanks of limited size. The body of INOXVORT pump made of stainless steel ensures easy pump maintenance.

UNIPUMP supplies noiseless drainage pumps already completed with a cable of various lengths, a handle to carry the pump and a universal fitting to connect a hose. UNIPUMP drainage pumps have built-in thermal motor protection which ensures automatic switch off the pump in case of overheating; and combination of price and quality makes UNIPUMP pumps a truly profitable acquisition.

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