AQUAROBOT – development of new depths!
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AQUAROBOT – development of new depths!

UNIPUMP continues its rapid development for more than ten years having proven itself in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality pump equipment under its own brands UNIPUMP and AQUAROBOT. Both types of the products represent a unique combination of quality, reliability and availability for convenient water supply of a country house. Having firmly strengthened its position in the territory of Russia, the company expands geography of its activities by opening representative offices in neighboring countries. In addition to its own developments, the company is a distributor of four Italian partners: ITALTECNICA Group and such brands as STELLPUMPS, UMBRA POMPE and SEA LAND.

UNIPUMP started its activity by organization of the works on water supply systems installation in private houses and various farms. Having acquired a great experience, the company began to develop its own range of products which is very popular at present.

On the basis of accumulated knowledge the functional solutions for pump equipment in various operating conditions have been proposed which allowed increasing service life of pumps, enhancing efficiency, improving pressure-flow performance and reducing power consumption. All this has been embodied in a series of UNIPUMP products. At present the merchandize line is represented by a wide range of pump equipment for water supply, heating, drainage and sewage systems including surface, submersible, circulation, drainage and sewage pumps, pump stations, automatics, pressure tanks, expansion tanks and different components.

In 2008 UNIPUMP began development and production of control units for pumps under the brand AQUAROBOT. The main purpose of automatics: protection against various emergency situations such as a "dry running" oepration, water level fluctuation in a well, jammed impeller, air entry into the system and low voltage power supply.

The devices such as automatic control units for AQUAROBOT TURBIPRESS and AQUAROBOT TURBI-M household pumps and AQUAROBOT TURBI flow sensor are worthy of special attention.

Below there are main advantages of AQUAROBOT TURBIPRESS:

  1. Possibility to program thresholds of minimum and maximum system pressure. Adjustment is made only by two buttons, and built-in "control" and "accident" LEDs are “promptings” indicating status of the pump.
  2. The built-in flow sensor turns the pump off in the situations of "dry running” mode, jammed impeller, no water flow condition and other emergency situations.
  3. AQUAROBOT TURBIPRESS maintains constant system pressure defined by a user.
  4. In the event of an accident this device produces trial starts with time intervals of 5, 20, 60 min and then - 6, 12, 24 hours, and so on up to 24 hours. Upon termination of emergency situation it automatically resumes operation.
  5. The device has a separate outlet for pressure tank ensuring easy assembly. Two versions of the model are available: for operation with pumps up to 1.5 kW and 2.2 kW. The price of this device with so many various functions and protections is pleasantly surprising.

The set of automatics AQUAROBOT TURBI-M, which is equipped with a built-in flow sensor and microprocessor unit, continues to acquire a series of useful developments. In the event of an emergency stop it activates automatic trial starts. The manufacturer offers two models depending on functional requirements: AQUAROBOT TURBI-M1 and AQUAROBOT TURBI-M2 (the table below shows comparative characteristics of these models).

The main difference: AQUAROBOT TURBI-M1 is designed to control the pump lower pressure threshold and flow; AQUAROBOT TURBI-M2 – to control lower and upper pressure threshold (4 factory options) and flow.

The compact AQUAROBOT TURBI flow sensor adaptively maintains system pressure of water supply. It turns the pump off in the situations of no water flow in the system, jammed impeller, no air pressure in the pressure tank, water leakage in water supply system and wrong connection of the station to water supply source. It turns the pump off with fifteen-minute delay at flow stop and protects against "dry running” operation.

Table: Comparative characteristics of TURBI-М1 and TURBI-М2

Electric power~170–240 V
Max. power1,5 kW
Max. current16 А
Max. working pressure6 bar
Max. capacity7.2 m3/h (120 l/min)
Cut-in / Cut-out pressure (Рmin / Рmax)1.5 bar – on flow decline
to 2 l/min
Connection dimensions1" external thread
Protection levelIP 65

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