UNIPUMP HDPE pipe – for water which we drink
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UNIPUMP HDPE pipe – for water which we drink

It is important to know that service life of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes mostly depends on quality of raw material.
You often find the following phrase in many promotional materials: service life of HDPE pipe is up to 50 years. In practice, the pipes of one manufacturer can be actually used for decades but those of another manufacturer - for a very short period of time, at the same time some residues or sediments or strong odor may appear in water.

Such problems may occur while installing low-quality HDPE pipe for production of which plastics waste, so-called "reprocessed plastic”, is used. Imagine that a pipe delivering drinking water to your house is made of household plastic waste or disposable medical syringes. A dumpsite is the main source for production of "recyclable materials" and they use plastic dishes, bags, polymeric products, chemical wastes, plastic containers for paint and varnish products, packaging for food together with remnants thereof.

Any polymer as a raw recyclable material for HDPE pipe production is an excellent absorbent. It absorbs all emissions of garbage lying side by side therewith. When contacting with liquid and at temperatures above zero such polymer starts to expand and acquire all elements of Mendeleev periodic table.

The first problem you will face while installing pipes made of recyclable materials into your system is a strong chemical smell which does not disappear over time. In addition to problem with quality of water, some years later you’ll have to replace pipes and install water supply system. Besides, there are cases when such pipe just does not withstand high pressure.

How can you know that a pipe is a low quality pipe made of recyclable materials?

  1. Unpleasant chemical odor.
  2. Extraneous particles and stripes, rough pipe inner walls.
  3. The walls of such pipe are often of different thickness.
  4. No alphabetic or numeric markings. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate indicator since in recent time even low-quality pipes are marked.
  5. Low price is one of obvious signs that a manufacturer save on raw material!

Qualitative HDPE pipe

  1. Pipe color is bright, rich, black with blue stripes or blue, not dark grey or as faded black. Color is uniform.
  2. Inner walls are perfectly smooth. The wall thickness corresponds to GOST.
  3. The pipe is indicated with GOST marking, manufacturer's name, strength factor, SDR coefficient, wall thickness and pipe diameter. At the end of PN marking there is nominal pressure corresponding to constant maximum working water pressure at 20°C expressed in MPa taking into account safety factor. A tube for household water supply system is marked with the words "Drinking Water ", and in other cases - "Technical Water". Only GOST 18599-2001 indicates allowable contact with drinking water and the fact that the pipe is not made of recyclable materials.

The Russian manufacturer UNIPUMP offers HDPE pipe for delivery of both technical and drinking water. UNIPUMP HDPE pipe is produced according to GOST 18599-2001 and made of 100% virgin polyethylene supplied by Kazanorgsintez, PAO. By the way, this is the only plant in Russia which produces 100% virgin raw material for HDPE pipe. The pipe inner walls have a perfect smooth surface which excludes possibility of sediment formation and allows keeping pipe nominal size during all operational period and maintaining power of supply pumps at minimum sufficient level.

The strength factor of PE pipe is 100 - this is the highest strength factor; such pipe can withstand pressure of 12.5 atm without breaking or deforming. For convenience in operation, the pipe is marked with scribed lines. These pipes can actually be used for more than 50 years; they are not affected by moisture, aggressive atmosphere, corrosion, stray currents; they do not require cathode protection and besides, they are freeze-resistant and easy to assembly.

Take care of your health and time! HDPE pipe delivers water you drink!

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