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Pump equipment

UNIPUMP specializes in supply of high quality pumps on the base of which we manufacture the pump stations with control units of various design.

The group of the companys engineers, the designers of pumping equipment, is engaged in improving the design of pump stations and pump control units. More and more pump stations of UNIPUMPs own design appear in the companys product range.


In the market of pumps and pumping equipment our company presents products under its own brands UNIPUMP and AQUAROBOT the modern and reliable equipment at reasonable prices.

We thoroughly select suppliers the manufacturers of various units and components for production of pump stations, make sure that manufacturing plants produce high-quality products, cooperate successfully with factory engineers, and give recommendations for improvement of production technology in order to upgrade quality of products.

Our company has created and constantly extend dealership network to promote UNIPUMP and AQUAROBOT products in all regions of Russia.


UNIPUMP started business in 2000. Initially we engaged in assembly of autonomous water supply and heating systems for private houses and installation of garden watering systems for land plots and small farms. In this sphere we have obtained great experience which then allowed us to choose the best equipment and the best manufacturers suppliers for our business.

Since 2002 the company has proceeded to wholesale of pumping equipment of its own brand UNIPUMP and created the workshop for production of pump stations. All pump stations made by our company are mandatorily subject to air pressure test.

UNIPUMP has established Service Center in Balashikha city and regional service centers in various cities of Russia.

UNIPUMP focuses on manufacture of pump stations with microprocessor control which allow maintaining optimum pressure in water supply network at different levels of water consumption. This equipment is affordable for a wide range of buyers at acceptable price.

Our formula for success is permanent development, commitment to our own production, engineering creativity and inventive activity. The own industrial base is a strong foundation allowing our company not to depend on various economic disasters but strengthen our positions in the Russian market.