UNIPUMP news: UNIPUMP participates in YUGBUILD-2015
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UNIPUMP participates in YUGBUILD-2015


UNIPUMP took part in the main event for the South of Russia – the exhibition YugBuild-2015. This year we have prepared some interesting new products:

UNIPUMP JSW-55 surface centrifugal pumps

Self-priming surface centrifugal pumps with brass impeller and inner ejector are used to supply water from wells and other water supply sources, and can be used in automatic water supply systems.

UNIPUMP SPA and UNIPUMP SPSN high head drainage pumps

These pumps differ not only by head and rate but also by perfect capacity; diameter of discharge openings is significantly bigger than that of all known models in drainage group.

UNIPUMP water heaters

We have also introduced a fundamentally new item to our product assortment: storage water heaters of different design which smoothly fit for any interior.

UNIPUMP UPC circulating pumps with 5-year guarantee, adaptive and versatile pump stations based on the Russian UNIPUMP automatics series AQUAROBOT, 3” and 4” models of submersible pumps, 5-way manifolds (connectors) which have no analogues, household sewage stations, downhole adapters and cast iron heads, pump stations based on vibration pumps and many other products will certainly capture you interest.

Диплом сертификат YugBuild 2015 Краснодар Unipump Акваробот

YugBuild 2015 Unipump стенд

YugBuild 2015 Unipump стенд

YugBuild 2015 Unipump стенд

YugBuild 2015 Unipump стенд

YugBuild 2015 Unipump стенд

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