UNIPUMP news: UNIPUMP starts to produce BAVLENETS vibration pumps
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UNIPUMP starts to produce BAVLENETS vibration pumps


To attention of our customers and partners. We start to produce vibration pumps!

Vibration pumps have been produced since the mid of the 1950s. Low cost, ease of use, versatility and simplicity of operation are major reasons why vibration pumps are still ahead of competition and widely used in industry and in household.

UNIPUMP launches production of the Russian new vibration pump BAVLENETS.

Production is carried out at our manufacturing base Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant (AO BEZ), located in the village of Bavleny, Vladimir region. Earlier, during many years this plant produced the popular Malysh pump proved itself as a pump of good quality.

Please note that all components - engine, rubber, base, body, couplings, bushings, screws and adjusting washers - are made in Russia. The pump is certified, it passed the test according to PSI program and corresponds to All-Union State Standard (GOST) 26287-84.

Test results:

Head, mCurrent, Power, WCapacity, l/h

Pump capacity - 245 W, protection class - IPX8 (full water resistance), maximum pressure - up to 75 meters, capacity - up to 1600 l/h.

At present, the pump trial models are under certification process. Follow our news.

UNIPUMP's mission is to develop and manufacture the Russian products competitive with foreign similar ones and affordable at the same time. It is very important for us to improve our skills and update our products, maintain the Russian engineering and actively engage in production. Our goal is to supply the Russian market with high quality and reliable domestic products.





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