UNIPUMP news: New UNIPUMP FEKAPUMP - drainage pumps
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New UNIPUMP FEKAPUMP - drainage pumps


We are glad to introduce a novelty of September — powerful drainage pumps UNIPUMP FEKAPUMP!

FEKAPUMP are the pumps with long service life. They can be used with dirty water containing solids and fibrous materials.

All models are equipped with metal impeller and oil chamber with double gland. The pump body is made of cast iron and stainless steel. Each model provides overload protection. Such qualitative design and high head/capacity characteristics allow using these drainage pumps both in household and in industrial or agricultural facilities.

Дренажные насосы UNIPUMP FEKAPUMP

We offer six modifications of FEKAPUMP:

  • FEKAPUMP V250 F (250 W)
  • FEKAPUMP V450 F (450 W)
  • FEKAPUMP V750 F (750 W)
  • FEKAPUMP V1100 F (1100 W)
  • FEKAPUMP V1500 F (1500 W)
  • FEKAPUMP V2200 F (2200 W)

This range of equipment is characterized by a continuous operational life. All components are made of high-strength materials. The models can be used in cases when you need a drainage pump designed for a long and continuous operation.

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