UNIPUMP news: New model of AQUAROBOT well cap
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New model of AQUAROBOT well cap


UNIPUMP presents a new model of plastic well cap AQUAROBOT AOC 114-32.

AOC 114-32 is designed for 107-114 mm casing pipes and 32mm pump plastic rising pipes. To facilitate assembly, the well cap construct is changed and the upper pipe nipple is added.

The well cap is designed for sealing the well casing end after installation of submersible pump into the well. The use of the well cap allows to protect the well against foreign bodies and surface groundwater, increase reliability of the pump seating in the well, and facilitate the pump assembly, disassembly and maintenance.

The well cap assembly is very simple and does not require welding works since assembly thereof is performed by tightening the bolts which press the rubber sealing ring between the cover and the bottom flange.

Below there is an extended range of plastic well caps:

  • AOC–114–32
  • АОС–133–32
  • АОС–133–40
  • АОС–152–32
  • АОС–152–40

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