UNIPUMP news: NOVELTY: UNIPUMP PVC garden armored hose
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NOVELTY: UNIPUMP PVC garden armored hose


UNIPUMP presents the novelty: high-quality PVC garden hose armored with synthetic yarns is made of polymer materials using extrusion method. The hose is used as flexible pipeline to supply drinking and technical water. It can be used for household needs, in engineering, food and processing industry and other industrial fields.

Depending on the used PVC compound, the hose can be produced as:

  • transparent with a yellowish tinge or slightly bluish-greenish;
  • nontransparent;
  • painted in any color at customer’s option.

Recommended operating temperature: 18 ± 5°C. Permissible operating temperature at static loads: from -30°C to + 45°C. Operating pressure: 3 bar, max. pressure: 6 bar.

The hose is made at our own manufacturing base in Russia: Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant, AO.

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