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UNIPUMP took part in one the main events of the new year — AQUA-THERM ST. PETERSBURG 2016 Exhibition.

As the result of the company’s hard work during the whole autumn period, UNIPUMP presented its new products, namely: in 2015 our company started production of HDPE pipe made of 100% virgin materials, and UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pumps with bottom and upper water intake made at our own manufacturing base in Russia. Besides, we started to produce UNIPUMP PVC garden hoses reinforced with synthetic yarns. We offer three models with different diameters having excellent technical characteristics: high strength, elasticity and flexibility as well as reliability despite any folding. Due to special manufacturing technique, these hoses can be used for many years. And finally, the long-awaited product of this year is VARUNA frequency converter: the control device with frequency regulation designed for the pumps with power of up to 2.2 kW. VARUNA allows creating automatic water supply pump stations which provide stable pressure in water supply systems regardless of water consumption level.

In addition, the Company improved the range of unique AQUAROBOT products which include automatic units for household pumps protection and control. Now AQUAROBOT TURBIPRESS, which becomes a favorite product among our customers, has the additional outlet with brass insert for connection to pressure tank, the check valve for more reliable protection against dry-operation and the removable connection pipe allowing to clean the check valve. Besides, AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 — the modified version of AQUAROBOT M1 and AQUAROBOT M2 — has been developed. Nowadays all our control units — AQUAROBOT TURBI, AQUAROBOT TURBI M and AQUAROBOT TURBIPRESS — are highly-demand products which allow setting up the pump control in automatic mode and protect it in emergency operating mode such as dry-running operation, water-level fluctuation in the borehole, jammed impeller, pressure drop, low voltage power supply, etc.

The whole production cycle of our control units, UNIPUMP HDPE pipe and UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pumps is performed in Russia and this is especially important in the present terms of import substitution. Our new interesting products are the following: kitchen waste disposal units, UNIPUMP-4SKM peripheral submersible pumps, AQUAROBOT adaptive pump stations with 2L pressure tank, non-freezable faucets and hydrants; diesel fuel pumps, UNIPUMP-LPA energy-efficient circulation pumps and many others.

UNIPUMP на АКВАТЕРМ Aqua-Therm Санкт-Петербург 2016

UNIPUMP на АКВАТЕРМ Aqua-Therm Санкт-Петербург 2016

UNIPUMP на АКВАТЕРМ Aqua-Therm Санкт-Петербург 2016

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