UNIPUMP news: NOVELTY: AQUAROBOT VIBRA automatic water supply station based on submersible vibration pump
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NOVELTY: AQUAROBOT VIBRA automatic water supply station based on submersible vibration pump


Novelty of the season — AQUAROBOT VIBRA automatic water supply station.

UNIPUMP produced a series of pump stations based on UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pump and new AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 dual-threshold automation unit. This is an example for organization of inexpensive but reliable and economical water supply in your house and garden plot.


BAVLENETS Vibration Pump

Vibrating pumps is equipment of interest at all times. Such pump can be used for water supply out of wells, boreholes, reservoirs, barrels and other various tanks. It is a great helper and good choice at any house when there is no need to install a powerful submersible pump. AQUAROBOT VIBRA automatic station is assembled on the base of BAVLENETS vibration pump of the Russian production made at “Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant”. BAVLENETS is known for its high head-flow and productive characteristics. For example, max performance of this pump is 1600 l/h. As for its rated values, they are the following:

Volumetric water supply out of depth not less than:
20 m — 950 l/h
30 m — 720 l/h
40 m — 432 l/h

Besides, the pump of the Russian production is characterized by quality of materials used in manufacturing thereof: steel rod of high-class strength, copper winding, body made of high-purity food-grade aluminum (remember the problem you faced with the Chinese vibration pumps the bodies of which are constantly cracked). All rubber parts of BAVLENETS are made of virgin rubber that is very important while contacting with drinking water and long-term operation.

AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 Dual-Threshold Automation Unit

Control and protection of such pump station is also performed by AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 dual-threshold automation unit of the Russian production. In addition to reliable control according to lower (Pmin + 1.5 - 0.5 bar) and upper (Pmax 3 + - 0.5 bar) pressure thresholds, this unit protects the station against various emergency situations. For example, dry-running operation, voltage surges, pressure drops, leakage in main lines, work with low debit sources, etc. Even in the absence of water in the system, the unit switches the pump off but at the same time it produces trial restarts with different time intervals during the day. When water level is restored to normal during one of trial restarts, AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 automatically activates the pump. Such smart control allows making a user free from the pump control. Besides, light indicators on the unit always display the pump operating mode (control or alarm). In case water level is not restored to normal within a day, the unit enters the alarm mode but the pump is absolutely protected. To take the unit out of alarm mode, just press the reset button on the unit. It is not necessary to disconnect AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 from power source.

Two-Liter Pressure Tank

AQUAROBOT VIBRA station is completed with two-liter pressure tank required to run the pump and prevent hydraulic impacts.

Convenient and affordable!

AQUAROBOT VIBRA automatic pump station is compact and mobile. Such station allows you to organize more convenient and reliable water consumption using a vibrating pump. Besides, the cost of this pump station is a welcome surprise to you!

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