UNIPUMP news: NOVELTY: UNIPUMP VARUNA frequency converter for pump control
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NOVELTY: UNIPUMP VARUNA frequency converter for pump control


Dear partners,

UNIPUMP presents the innovation — UNIPUMP VARUNA frequency converter for pump control.

When arranging water supply systems with many water consumption points (wash-stand, shower, sink, bath, washing machine, toilet bowl, etc.) there may be a number of inconveniences. With water consumption at one time, consumers can observe loss in head, and water pressure and temperature drops.

What is the problem?

With each new open tap, the system pressure is distributed proportionally and, as a consequence, it drops at each point of water consumption.

Or, for example, such a system requires a powerful pump consuming too much electricity and as a result you have to pay more for electricity.

What is to be done?

Install the frequency converter which serves as automatic unit to regulate the pump operation:

  1. The frequency converter changes the pump motor rotation speed proportionally to water flow. Maximum water is consumed periodically and you do not need high power of the pump. The frequency converter allows reducing the motor speed when the load is not so high and therefore decreasing power consumption.
  2. The frequency converter allows you to equalize pressure keeping it constant regardless of water consumption level in the system. Therefore, you do not feel inconvenience when you consume water at various points at one time.
  3. The frequency converter controls the pump operation and protects it against dry-running.

Which frequency converter to choose?

Our company has developed UNIPUMP VARUNA frequency converter. In contrast to its Western analogues, its maximum current is 17 A. Such electronic unit allows you to control household pumps with power of up to 2.2 kW.

What is its technical capability?

UNIPUMP VARUNA -1 is an electronic device based on the use of the frequency converter to control the electric motor stoppage and start. The device modulates frequency (Hz) of the pump motor input current by changing the motor speed proportionally to water flow. Thus, pressure in the water system is kept at the same level. At the same time, the pump motor power coming from the electrical outlet is proportional to the value of water flow consumed and this allows significantly reducing power consumption during ever-changing water consumption within a day (for instance, at blocks of flats). Besides, UNIPUMP VARUNA allows ensuring the pump smooth start and stoppage and this significantly increases the equipment service life. Furthermore, the device protects the pump against "dry running" as well as at voltage jumps, overpressure, outlet short circuit and the inverter internal overheating. UNIPUMP VARUNA can make a series of restarts in emergency situations by automatic turning on the pump in case of water in the system. UNIPUMP VARUNA can inform you of leakage in the system. The operating mode and information on emergency situations are always shown on the device digital display.

Why it is called VARUNA?

According to Vedic culture (Hinduism), VARUNA is the God of all the waters in the world. Such image reveals the essence of this device: “to command and control waters” emphasizing the impressive capabilities of such frequency converter.

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