UNIPUMP news: NOVELTY: UNIPUMP 2” ECO VINT-0 submersible pump
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NOVELTY: UNIPUMP 2” ECO VINT-0 submersible pump


For the first time UNIPUMP presents 2” ЕСО VINT-0 submersible pump.

UNIPUMP 2” ЕСО VINT-0 submersible pump can be submerged into boreholes with diameter of up to 65 mm. This is an ideal solution for narrow casing pipes.

This model has the lowest energy consumption as compared to all submersible pumps: just 200 W. Even a vibration pump has higher energy consumption. At the same time UNIPUMP ЕСО VINT 0 can be submerged to the depth to 15 meters under water surface.

Application of such pumps is as wide as that of any submersible pump, namely: independent water supply of detached houses, gardens and vegetable plots watering, pumping small and medium-sized reservoirs. UNIPUMP ECO VINT 0 is a screw pump. The operating screw in rubber casing is installed inside the housing.

Important addition in design!

On the pump top cover there is a connecting fitting with 3/4" external thread and two eyelets for fastening the cable. Adapter coupling and 1/2" check valve are installed at the end of connecting fitting. The model is completed with 20 meter power cable with a plug.

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