UNIPUMP news: NOVELTY: UNIPUMP offers BAVLENETS 2 vibration double pump
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NOVELTY: UNIPUMP offers BAVLENETS 2 vibration double pump


We begin a new year with BAVLENETS 2 - a new model of submersible pumps

UNIPUMP offers a whole new solution: UNIPUMP BAVLENETS 2 dual vibration pump with capacity of two times higher than that of a standard vibration pump.

If there is no need to install a powerful submersible pump and demands on water consumption are not so high, you can save your money by purchasing BAVLENETS 2 dual vibration pump. Its head/capacity characteristics allow using it in automatic mode. While a standard vibration pump is used for a limited number of water consumption points, for example, only a wash basin and a shower, BAVLENETS 2 can be used to arrange more extensive water supply system – its capabilities are closer to those of UNIPUMP ECO VINT pump.

BAVLENETS 2 is manufactured at our production base – JSC “Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant” located in Vladimir region. The strong housing made of food high purity aluminum guarantees long time of pump operation. A steel rod of high strength is used inside the pump. Only copper wire is used for coil winding. All rubber parts are made on the basis of natural rubber.

The main difference from classical models of vibration pumps is double increased performance. Our model is unique in its design – you will not find any analogs in the market. This is a new generation of vibration pumps.

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