UNIPUMP news: NOVELTY: UNIPUMP UPF 32-120 220 circulation pump
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NOVELTY: UNIPUMP UPF 32-120 220 circulation pump


UNIPUMP offers an updated version of UNIPUMP -UPF circulation pumps: UNIPUMP UPF 32-120 220 flange type pump.

UPF 32-120 new model, like similar UPF pumps, is classified as other circulation pumps with a "wet" rotor and designed to create forced fluid circulation. These pumps are installed in circuits of building heating and cooling systems to pump water in various technological processes.

The specific feature of this model is flanged connections. The model’s nominal size is 40 mm, the engine housing is made of ZL102 aluminum and the pump body is made of HT200 cast iron. This model is capable to withstand working pressure up to 10 bar which is especially important for arrangement of large-scale heating systems.

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