UNIPUMP news: NOVELTY: UNIPUMP ECO MIDI 3.5" Submersible Pumps
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NOVELTY: UNIPUMP ECO MIDI 3.5" Submersible Pumps


There were no ever such sizes before!

This model being a unique one in the Russian market and having all features of ECO top-class models has broadened the range of the most popular UNIPUMP submersible pumps.

UNIPUMP offers innovation in the model range of submersible pumps, namely: 3.5"

The pump’s performance capabilities

The actual immersion depth below the surface of water can reach 100 meters since the engine is oil-filled. We understate these values in Installation and Operation Manual to give the opportunity to use this pump in various conditions, including unfavorable ones and continuous exploitation.

We have made some recommendations concerning the content of impurities in water: 0.25% of sand is considered to be acceptable.

Glands or end seals are sand resistant; they are with graphite and carborundum (silicon carbide).

The impellers here are floating as all ECO models have. The impeller material is polyformaldehyde. This is a high-tech thermoplastic synthetic polymeric material having high elasticity under tensile and bending loads. The material has perfect antifriction properties; it is highly resistant to organic solvents. It is the very material of which heavily loaded bearings and rollers, fine mechanics parts and other parts are made.


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