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Superb novelty of summer!

UNIPUMP traditionally continues to surprise with its non-standard solutions in the field of pump automation. This summer we have made a new model of unique developments: AQUAROBOT TURBIPRESS B2 unit to control two pumps.

The aim to create this control unit

TURBIPRESS B2 is designed for simultaneous control of any two pumps with power of up to 1.5 kW each.

The idea to create this control unit

When we introduced the first double vibration pump UNIPUMP BAVLENETS 2 in the Russian market, we faced to necessity of creation of a control unit for this model. And this development proved to be a very effective one to control any two pumps like deep well pumps, surface pumps, pump stations or vibration pumps, etc.

Control unit performance capabilities

First of all, like any other automation unit it controls pumps according to pressure thresholds which can be easily set.

This unit saves the pump life by automatically setting the section operation mode: shared or alternate one.

TURBIPRESS 2 protects the pump in case of lack of water in the system and other emergencies such as under voltage and over voltage or overpressure.

How it operates

When the system pressure is reduced to the set value of low threshold, the unit switches on both pumps. When the system pressure reaches Pmid = (Pmax + Pmin) / 2, one of the pumps is turned off and the other pump continues to operate. When Pmax is reached, the second pump is turned off and the device goes into standby mode. As soon as the system pressure drops down to Pmin, the cycle begins to repeat but when Pmid is reached, the other pump (which in the previous cycle operated until Pmax was reached) is switched off.

When this control unit is of need

  1. To control BAVLENETS 2 vibration double pump in automatic mode.
  2. To control any two pumps in the house in order not to buy automation for each pump separately. Besides, the use of such a unit may significantly extend both pumps life.

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