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Dear partners,

We are glad to inform you of start of UNIPUMP Borehole Heads production at our plant (Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant, AO) in Russia.

What has been changed?

These borehole heads are made of domestically produced glass-filled polyamide. This material is that of polyamide resin filled with pieces of glass filament yarns. It has high strength to shock loads, resistance to oil and gasoline, perfect dielectric features, and it also sustains high weight. This material does not respond to external environment; it is resistant to temperature changes and intense sunlight; it is chemically inert and absolutely non-toxic; it neither harmfully effects on water nor exudes any unpleasant odor.

In terms of design, this borehole head is much more convenient.

The significant work has been done to change the output cable seals. Even if the pump cable is very thin, it can be easily clamped to ensure the tight and reliable connection. Besides, the cable output has been also changed and this is more practical.

The borehole head warranty period is 2 years and the declared product life is 5 years. But in fact, these borehole heads can serve for many years. And the reason for this is in quality of the material of which it is made.

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