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NOVELTY: UNIPUMP Gazoline Motor Pump


Dear partners,

UNIPUMP offer a new product: UNIPUMP НС Gasoline Motor Pump.

«Why» a motor pump and «when» a motor pump?

The main reason to create this type of pump is water supply to the plots where there is no access to electricity. The sphere of such pumps use is wide and diverse: from any work in the garden (watering or pumping during floods) to fire extinguishing, pumping water from various reservoirs, wells and boreholes.

But why not manual pumps

The advantage of motor pumps over manual pumps is in its mobility and high-head and performance characteristics.

Gasoline motor pumps are self-contained centrifugal pumps with gasoline four-stroke internal combustion engines which have mighty power and delivery head in comparison with two-stroke engine pumps.

Field of application

Water supply to construction sites, watering and irrigation, agriculture, fire extinguishing, filling pools and other reservoirs, emergency water pumping, arrangement of water supply in private houses, etc.

Variety of sales markets

  • Garden plots (all kinds of works with water)
  • Agriculture (irrigation of fields)
  • Construction sites (removal of drain waters from foundation pits)
  • Utilities (liquidation of accidents and flooding)
  • Environmental organizations (irrigation of trees, parks and forests)
  • Salvage operations (fire extinguishing)
  • Maritime fleet (dehumidification of holds and decks)
  • Landscaping (decorative fountains, waterfalls, ponds and parks)
  • Geologists, miners and drillers (cleaning rocks, water pumping off caves)

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