UNIPUMP news: Novelty: UNIPUMP ECO 4" Submersible Well Pumps
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Novelty: UNIPUMP ECO 4" Submersible Well Pumps


Dear partners,

UNIPUMP presents its novelty: UNIPUMP ECO 4" Submersible well pumps.

For more than a decade UNIPUMP has been manufacturing the models of ECO 4” Submersible Pumps with floating impellers. And now we present the legendary UNIPUMP ECO with brass adapter for a flow part. The range of ECO Pumps is now expanded to 24 models.

What has been changed?

Now ECO flow part adapter is made of brass; this is a significant advantage. All too often, wear and corrosion processes in a submersible pump flow part occur much faster in aggressive environment or in water with a high content of iron. Probably, many of you observed such phenomenon when a pump was disassembled in the service center. There is no problem with models having a brass adapter.

The pump outlet pipe is made of brass. In due course, the submersible pump outlet part also undergoes corrosion similar to the adapter. In this case brass is an undisputed leader in comparison with its analogues made of silumin, cast iron and steel.


Glands or seals are sand resistant and with graphite and carborundum (silicon carbide). As in the whole range of ECO models, the impellers are floating ones and they are made of polyformaldehyde. This is a high-tech thermoplastic synthetic polymeric material characterized by high elasticity at tensile and bending loads. The material has excellent antifriction properties and is highly resistant to the effects of organic solvents. It is this very material which is used to make heavily loaded bearings, rollers, precision mechanics parts, etc.

Maximum immersion depth under water surface is 40 meters!

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