UNIPUMP news: Novelty: UNIPUMP Automatic Drain Valve for a Well
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Novelty: UNIPUMP Automatic Drain Valve for a Well


Dear partners,

UNIPUMP presents its novelty: UNIPUMP Automatic Drain Valve for a Well.

If you do not plan to use a water main in winter, you should not leave any water in pipes due to threat of freezing thereof because probability of pipes, fittings, pumps and cranes damage is increasing. In this case it is necessary to drain water from the pipeline.

It is such a case when our automatic drain valve will help you. It must be installed on HDPE pipe inside a well (below soil freezing level).

The valve is permanently closed during pump operation. If pump is turned off, pipeline pressure drops to 0.6-0.7 atm opening the valve and natural drain of remaining water from pipeline into a well occurs. As soon as pressure rises to 1.5 atm (the pump is switched on), the valve closes again.

What is the valve internal structure?

The automatic valve is a device in brass body with a plastic valve inside it. When pipeline pressure decreases, the valve opens a drain hole. When pressure increases, water pushes the valve towards the hole blocking it completely. Such design is much more sealed in comparison with its analogues.

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