UNIPUMP news: Novelty: UNIPUMP ЕСО MAXI 5" Submersible Well Pumps
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Novelty: UNIPUMP ЕСО MAXI 5" Submersible Well Pumps


Dear partners,

UNIPUMP presents its novelty: UNIPUMP ЕСО MAXI 5” Submersible Well Pumps.

Autonomous water supply of individual buildings, cottages and country houses; arrangement of watering vegetable gardens and garden plots; filling reservoirs with water as well as for providing small civil, agricultural and production facilities with water.

Size of a well

Diameter is not less than 133 mm.

Main design features

  • Pump body is made of stainless steel.
  • The most important thing that here in new models a flow part adapter and an outlet pipe are made of brass.
  • Floating impellers are another important design feature which is relevant for the whole ECO range.

ECO MAXI flow part and motor unit are supplied separately.


EСO MAXI can be immersed under water surface maximum to 100 meters!

But the main feature of ECO MAXI is its head and capacity characteristics.

The pump motor is three-phase, oil-filled and with a built-in thermal relay.

The most moderate ECO MAXI 10-109 with power of 2.2 kW can produce maximum head of 109 meters and has maximum capacity of 10 m3 / h. And performance of the most powerful pump of this range - ECO MAXI 23.5-173, will impress you: 173 meters of vertical head and capacity of 23.5 m3 / h.

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