UNIPUMP news: Novelty: Drainage Pumps UNIPUMP RAIN, UNIPUMP ARTSUB and UNIPUMP ARTVORT drainage pumps
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Novelty: Drainage Pumps UNIPUMP RAIN, UNIPUMP ARTSUB and UNIPUMP ARTVORT drainage pumps


Dear partners,

UNIPUMP presents you our great innovation –

UNIPUMP RAIN drainage pump

The pump name itself, ‘RAIN’, implies the use of this model.

Watering with rainwater is indeed the most economical and optimal one for plants. Rainwater is neutral; it is "softer" than main water and does not contain hazardous elements; that is in case your cottage is located near enterprises emitting harmful substances.

Besides, it is not recommended to water plants with cold water directly from the source. Of course, you may collect rainwater in a barrel and then use it for various domestic purposes. But in this case UNIPUMP RAIN drainage pump is a great helper.

The model is specially designed to be installed in barrels and other containers. The most powerful pump of this range, RAIN Q550M, has two impellers, added pressure-flow characteristics and capacity of up to 5 m³ / h. RAIN pumps range has another constructive convenience: these are the first UNIPUMP drainage pumps which are equipped with a telescopic boom with a flexible spout. It is very convenient when you pump out of barrels, wells, ditches, pools since the pump can be easily fixed to the edge of the tank using the boom.

At the end of such boom there is a removable shut-off valve with a fitting for quick fix connector to which the hose is connected.

There is another convenient unit on the boom: a holder for fixing a float switch when the pump continuous operation in a manual mode is required. By the way, watering from a barrel is quite convenient since you can add fertilizer for feeding. To prevent the pump and the boom from clogging with small leaves and dirt at the bottom of the pump, a mechanical cleaning filter is installed in the suction zone which can be easily removed and rinsed by opening the lid of the base housing.

Some more useful features

The pump switch on/off levels are adjusted by shortening or lengthening a free end of the float switch cable using the lock on the housing upper lid.

The pump has a valve to remove air. When pumping to dryness, an “airlock” can occur in the suction zone.

The pump engine has a built-in thermal switch for overload protection during emergency operation. The pump is supplied complete with a three-wire electrical cable and a plug.


These models have a slightly different design. Both models are equipped with a float switch built into the housing which automatically switches the pump on and off. Switch on/off levels can be adjusted using a controller and this is extremely convenient for various types of pumping in household use. The handle on the housing makes it easy to carry these models over. No need to buy a separate adapter "Barb Connection" or any other adapters to connect the hose. The adapter is included in delivery set. These models are distinguished both by high throughput when working with impurities and pressure-flow characteristics.

The valve to remove air is of no small importance. These models have built-in thermal protection. The cable, an electric three-core cable with a plug, is also available. ARTSUB and ARTVORT pumps are distinguished by ability to operate in a horizontal position in manual mode.

Forced mode of operation is also a great thing; it allows you to make a surface dry but in this case the process should be monitored to prevent “dry running”.

All three models are equipped with an impeller made of PPO-GF20 (noryl) or PA6-GF30 (glass-nylon composite laced with graphite).

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