UNIPUMP news: Novelty: General Purpose Industrial Electric BEZ AIR Motors
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Novelty: General Purpose Industrial Electric BEZ AIR Motors


Dear partners,

UNIPUMP presents its novelty: BEZ AIR electric motors for industrial use

Three-phase asynchronous general purpose industrial electric motors. Their application is so wide that any machine or mechanism where it is necessary to produce movement requires a similar engine.

Here are some fields where AIR motors can be used:

  • metalworking machines: radial drilling, circular grinding, grinding, milling and turning machines;
  • woodworking machines: disc, edge-trimming machines and band mills;
  • forge-and-pressing and weaving machines;
  • industrial fans, exhaust systems and air-delivery systems;
  • large blow heaters;
  • industrial centrifugal pumps;
  • crushing mills and manufacture of reinforced concrete products;
  • conveyers, ribbon blenders, mixers (food industry).

Two versions:

Both versions are represented by a wide model range depending on power and height of shaft.

Nowadays, these general purpose industrial engines are the most popular. They are easy to use: no electronic systems which can break and get out of order as well as any additional control devices are required for control. Their operating principle is quite simple: conversion of electrical energy into mechanical one. In addition, their weight and overall dimensions are less than those of other types of motors.

Warranty Period: 1 year or 10 000 hours in operation

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