UNIPUMP news: New Models of UNIPUMP UPF3 Circulation Pumps
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New Models of UNIPUMP UPF3 Circulation Pumps


Dear partners,

The long-awaited novelty of spring!

UNIPUMP presents UNIPUMP UPF3 industrial 3-speed flange pumps for heating.

Three speeds give the pump gives additional advantages in operation in comparison with a single-speed pump: namely: adaptation of the pump operation to the system requirements and electricity saving due to possibility of choosing the most economical mode of pump operation. 3-speed range allows adjusting the pump head and rate for a certain heating system and optimizing operation thereof in general.

Новые фланцевые циркуляционные насосы UNIPUMP UPF3

Трехскоростной диапазон регулировки UNIPUMP UPF3

Just set a lower speed and it is not need to install taps on the pipe (when it is required to make flow rate lower but the pump continues to consume electricity at maximum power). Practically all industrial facilities are equipped with 3-phase pumps for heating.

Scope of UNIPUMP UPF3 pump application is a whole range of heating systems for industrial facilities: both large-scale enterprises, workshops, boilers and administrative and residential buildings.

Important! The pump is completed with two counterflanges and gaskets.

В комплект UNIPUMP UPF3 входят два контрфланца и прокладки


  • Electric system parameters - 380 V ± 10%, 50 Hz (UPF3)
  • Treating fluids: water of low hardness; low-viscosity, non-aggressive and non-explosive fluids without solid and fibrous inclusions and impurities containing mineral oils.
  • Content of ethylene glycol - 50% max. It is necessary to take into account that when the pump is operating in systems filled with a water-glycol mixture, the pump maximum power decreases especially at low temperatures.
  • Total hardness of the pumped fluid, mEq/l: not more than 3 pH 7.0 ... 9.5
  • Max system pressure, bar: 10 bar
  • Treating fluid temperature, °С: +2 ... +110
  • Ambient temperature, °С - 0 ... +40
  • Insulation heat resistance class: H
  • Protection class: IP42


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