UNIPUMP garden hose
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UNIPUMP garden hose

garden hoses armored with synthetic yarns
Plant Electromechanical Bavlensky
UNIPUMP garden hose

UNIPUMP garden hoses armored with synthetic yarns — are made of polymeric materials by extrusion method. Here are used as flexible pipelines for mixed fluids delivery: drinking and technical water. It can be used for household needs, in machine, food and processing industries and other manufacturing sectors.

Parameters: Internal diameter х wall thickness, mmØ13х1,5Ø18х2 Ø25х2,5
Max deviation, mm±0,2±0,3
External diameter, mm162230
Operating pressure at 20°С, МPа0,3


Depending on PVC plasticates, they can be produced as:

  • transparent with yellowish tinge or slightly greenish and bluish color;
  • nontransparent;
  • painted in different color at customer’s will choose.

Recommended operating temperature — 18±5°С. Permissible operating temperature with stationary loads — from -30°С to +45°С

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