UNIPUMP well cap
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UNIPUMP well cap

UNIPUMP well cap

UNIPUMP well cap is designed for sealing the end of a well casing with an outside diameter of 107 to 159 mm after installing a submersible pump with a diameter of a pressure pipe of 32mm.

The application of the well cap allows to prevent getting foreign objects and surface groundwater in the well, to increase the reliability of fastening the pump in the well, and also to simplify the process of installation, dismantling and maintenance of the pump.

The well cap is made of plastic and is designed for hanging loads weighing up to 200 kg.

The well cap is selected based on the diameter of the well casing and the diameter of the pump pressure pipe.

Well сap models:

  • 133 – 32 mm
  • 114 – 32 mm
  • 152 – 32 mm

The first digit in the marking of the well cap model indicates the maximum outside diameter of the well casing for which it can be used:

  • 114 - for casing pipes with a diameter of 107 to 114 mm
  • 133 - for casing pipes with a diameter of 125 to 133 mm
  • 152 - for casing pipes with a diameter of 147 to 152 mm

The second digit denotes the outer diameter of the pressure plastic pipe of the pump in mm - 32.

The electrical cable of the pump must be of round section 0.75 mm² ... 4 mm², in a shell, with an external diameter of 6 to 12 mm.

Outlet (internal thread) - 1" for models 114-32, 133-32, 152-32, 159-32.

Trademark: UNIPUMP
Manufacturer: AO Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant

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