UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pump
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UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pump

UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pump

UNIPUMP BAVLENETS submersible vibration pumps with upper and lower water intake are designed to supply clean fresh water from wells, boreholes with diameter not less than 100 mm, different reservoirs and surface waters; connected to 220V AC network.

Field of application: watering garden plots, pumping small and middle reservoirs and autonomous water supply systems. Pumped fluid must not contain solid and fibrous inclusions; total amount of mechanical admixtures: not more than 100 g/m³.

Conformance with the highest safety standards allows using the pumps to supply drinking water.

Light weight and small dimensions together with low energy consumption allow using the pumps for pumping fresh water from wells, boreholes with the depth not more than 40 meters and open water reservoirs.

UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pumps with lower water intake allow pumping water to min level. The pumps are able to operate using gasoline-electric and solar generators with power not less than 0.5 kW.

To increase water supply and head it is permitted to perform series or parallel connection of several pumps.


  • AC voltage, V: 220
  • Frequency, Hz: 50
  • Rated power, W: 245
  • Current, А: not more than 3.7
  • Max head, m: 75
  • Max capacity, l/h: 1600
  • Volumetric water supply from depth, l/h: not less than
    20m — 950
    40m — 432
  • Borehole internal diameter, mm: not less than 100
  • Water temperature, °С: not more than +35
  • Cable length, m: 6, 10, 15, 25 or 40
  • Pump protection class: IPX8
  • Weight without cable, kg: not more than 3.5
  • BAVLENETS М – with upper water intake
  • BAVLENETS – with lower water intake
  • Connecting dimension, mm: 18


Installation and Operation Manual — UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration pump [0.41 Mb]

Package contents:
  • Vibration electric pump - 1
  • Rope (nylon) - 1
  • Operations Manual - 1
  • Packing - 1

Trademark: UNIPUMP
Manufacturer: AO Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant
Warranty:  12 months

All section equipment: 100mm submersible pumps

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