UNIPUMP BAVLENETS 2 vibration pump
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UNIPUMP BAVLENETS 2 vibration pump

UNIPUMP BAVLENETS 2 vibration pump

UNIPUMP BAVLENETS 2 submersible vibration pumpsare designed for lifting water from wells and boreholes with inner diameter of more than 100 mm, and pumping fresh water from any reservoirs with water temperature of less than 35°C.

Application: for autonomous water supply in individual houses, cottages and country houses; irrigation of garden plots and small farms. Pumped fluid should not contain solids and fibrous inclusions; total amount of solids - 100 g/m3.

BAVLENETS 2 is an innovative model having no analogues. Water intake occurs simultaneously from upper and lower parts of the pump housing. The pump design allows getting the highest head/ capacity characteristics in comparison with all other vibration pumps.

Technical characteristics

  • AC voltage, V — 220
  • Frequency, Hz — 50
  • Overall dimensions: height, mm, not more than; diameter, mm, not more than — 545x99
  • Weight without cable, kg, not more than — 7
  • Max submergence from water surface, m, not more than — 3

Increase of submergence is admissible, for instance when low-debit well is up to 6 m.

Connection Diagram
ParametersJoint connectionUpper pump switch onLower pump switch on
Rated power ignoring losses in feeder cable with head of 0.4 MPa (4 bar), W, not more than490245245
Current, А, not more than7,43,73,7
Volumetric water supply from depth, l/h, not less than:
40 m
30 m
20 m
0 m




Note: Rated volumetric water supply with rated head of 40 m, not less than:
- when jointly connected — 864 l/h;
- when upper pump is switched on — 432 l/h;
- when lower pump switched on — 432 l/h.
The rest values of volumetric water supply are referential. When power voltage is decreased by 10%, volumetric water supply and head are decreased by about 60%.


Installation and Operation Manual — UNIPUMP BAVLENETS 2 vibration pump [0.26 Mb]

Package contents:
  • Vibration electric pump - 1
  • Operations Manual - 1
  • Packing - 1

Trademark: UNIPUMP
Manufacturer: AO Bavlensky Electromechanical Plant
Warranty:  12 months

All section equipment: 100mm submersible pumps

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