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AUTO DP automatic water supply stationis made on the base of DP 750 surface centrifugal pump with external ejector and 24 (or 20) or 50L pressure tank.

It is designed to supply clean water from boreholes with diameter not less than 4"(100mm), deep wells and other water supply sources (when suction depth exceeds a normal range of 9m) as well as to maintain water system pressure in automatic mode.

The following devices can be connected to pump stations: water heaters, gas water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers and automatic watering systems.

The water must not contain particles with linear dimension greater than 1mm, total amount of mechanical admixtures: not more than 100 g/m; range of operating water temperatures: +1 - +35°C.

Technical information

Parameters / ModelAUTO DP 750
System parameters~220V, 50Hz
Capacity max, l/min40
Electric motor power, W750
Head max, m40
Entry hole and pressure port diameter1¼" х 1" х 1"
Max suction head, m20
Cut-in pressure, MPa0,15
Cut-off pressure, MPa0,30
Dimensions, mm525-285-520

Head and rate specification

Suction head, m Capacity
0 10 15 20
Head, m
15 40 37 30 20
20 33 28 22 16

* The data given above relating to maximum head and capacity is true when suction depth is zero and system voltage is 220V ± 10%.

UNIPUMP AUTO DP ejector assembly

Trademark: UNIPUMP
Manufacturer: UNIPUMP
Warranty:  24 months

All section equipment: UNIPUMP AUTO

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