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Automatic pump stations based on surface peripheral pump
12 months

AQUAROBOT QB adaptive automatic pump station with 2L or 5L pressure tank is designed to supply clean water containing no abrasive particles and fibrous inclusions from shallow boreholes, wells and other water supply sources in automatic mode (switching on and off according to water consumption). The stations are equipped with electronic unit to control the pump flow and minimum pressure (Pmin), and protect the pump against dry running operation and other emergency situations (undervoltage, improper assembly, etc.).

Advantages of AQUAROBOT automatic adaptive station

  • Automatically switched off in the absence of water in water supply system.
  • Automatically switched off when the pump impeller is jammed.
  • Stable operation when voltage drops to 120V.
  • Automatically switched off in the absence of air pressure in pressure tank.
  • Automatically switched off in case of water leakage in water supply system at flow rate not more than 2 l/min.
  • Adaptively maintains pressure in water supply system considerably increasing the pump service life.
  • Stable operation when critical suction depth is 8 meters.
  • Automatically switched off in case of improper station connection to water supply system (water flow rate should be more than 2 l/min for stable operation when voltage drops or critical suction depth is 8 meters).

The station operating principle is that the pump is switched on and continuously pumps water producing system pressure which depends on the pump parameters when water flow passes through the control unit at a speed higher than 2 l/min or pressure drops below Pmin (1.5 ± 0.3 bar). When water flow stops or speed drops to 2 l/min, the pump is automatically switched off with a thirty second delay.

AQUAROBOT provides the station reliable switching-off

  • In a well case poor capacity mode (dry running)
  • In the absence of air in pressure tank (no pressure)
  • If water flow is lower than 2 liters per minute (leakage in main line)
  • In water level fluctuation dynamic mode in a borehole lower than 8 meters
  • In case of improper assembly of equipment and water main line

In the event of the pump station emergency switching off, it is required to eliminate a cause thereof and make restart.

Important! ! It is not allowed to use the station in pressure boosting systems when pressure produced by the pump together with main line pressure is higher or about 6 bar.

Technical information

  • System parameters: ~220V ± 10%, 50Hz
  • Suction head: 8m (for AQUAROBOT JET, JS) / 5m (for AQUAROBOT QB)
  • Range of water operating temperatures: +1 ... +35°С, at ambient temperature +1 ... +40°С and air humidity not more than 70%.
  • Connecting dimensions: 1" external thread х 1" internal thread
  • Compressed air pressure in pressure tank: 0.15 MPa (1.5 bar)
  • Max allowable system pressure: 6 bar
  • Pump cut-in pressure Рmin: 1.5±0.3 bar
  • Min sensibility of flow sensor: 2 l/min.


Model P, (kW) Capacity
Q, l/min 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35
Q, m3/h 0 0,3 0,6 0,9 1,2 1,5 1,8 2,1
35 31 27 23 18 14 9 5

* The data given above relating to maximum head and capacity is true when suction depth is zero and system voltage is 220V ± 10%.

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