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Pump station based on submersible vibration pump
12 months

AQUAROBOT М automatic pump stations for water supply based on submersible vibration pumps like BAVLENETS with 5L or 24L pressure tank are designed to deliver clean cold water from open sources, storage tanks, wells and boreholes (with diameter more than 100 mm).

For autonomous water supply of individual houses, cottages, country houses, watering garden and vegetable plots and small farms.

Pumped water temperature: up to + 35°C; total amount of mechanical admixtures in water: less than 100 g/m3; size of impurities: not more than 1mm.

AQUAROBOT M pump stations of automatic water supply are reliable in operation, easy to assembly; the pump can be submerged into water for a long time. In necessity, the pump is easily removed from a water source and submerged into water once again.

In case of compliance with operating conditions, vibration pumps can be used for many years; they do not require lubrication and watering and may be switched on immediately after submersion into water.

Design and operation principle

AQUAROBOT М pump station consists of the following major units:

  1. Submersible vibration electric pump,
  2. Pressure tank,
  3. PM/5-3W device (combining pressure switch, pressure gauge and connector),
  4. Check valve.

Submersible vibration electric pump consists of 3 major units: a yoke, a vibrator and a base. There are holes covered a rubber valve on the base. A hose is fixed to a pump outlet with a clamp. Water supply is performed from pressure chamber bounded by a rubber valve and a piston. As a result of electromagnetic drive vibrations a piston carries out reciprocating movement and pushes water under pressure out of a pump outlet.

A hose connects a pump outlet with a station control unit switching a pressure tank and PM / 5-3W device.

PM / 5-3W device is assembled directly on a pressure tank of appropriate volume. This device automatically switches the pump on when water system pressure is below the threshold (factory setting is 1.5 atm) and switches the pump off when water system pressure exceeds the upper threshold (factory setting is 3 atm).

Pump cut-in pressure is regulated within pressure values of 1 atm - 2.5 atm. Pump cut-off pressure is regulated within pressure values of 1.8 atm - 4.5 atm. Pressure tank maintains system pressure within the prescribed limits.

When we open a tap, water is delivered to a consumer from a pressure tank. With water consumption from a pressure tank, system pressure drops. When pressure drops below the threshold, the control device switches the pump on. The pump delivers water to a consumer. When we close a tap, the pump continues running for some time replenishing a pressure tank with water. With replenishment of a pressure tank, system pressure rises. When pressure reaches the threshold, the control device switches the pump off.

In the absence of water in reservoir, the thermal switch turns the pump off. Thus, dry running protection is performed.


AQUAROBOT M pump stations are manufactured with 5L or 24L pressure tanks and 10, 15, 25 or 40m power cables. In the station marking the first figure indicates capacity of pressure tanks in liters, the second figure indicates a cable length in meters (AQUAROBOT M5 15 - Model with 5L pressure tank and 15m cable).

  1. System voltage, V: 220 ± 10%
  2. Power frequency, Hz: 50 ± 1
  3. Cut-in pressure: 1.5 bar
  4. Cut-off pressure: 3.0 bar
  5. Volume of pressure tank: 5L or 24L
  6. Air pressure in pressure tank: 1.5 bar
  7. Range of water operating temperatures: 0°С+1...+35
  8. Connecting dimensions: 25mm
  9. Diameter of pump head: 20mm
  10. Power consumption: 0.225kW
  11. Max submersion depth under water surface: 3m

Head and rate specification

Model Р, (kW) Q, m3/h Capacity
0 0.4 0.55 0.67 0.9 1.2
AQUAROBOT М 0.225 Head, Н (m) 60 50 40 30 20 0

* The data given above relating to maximum head and capacity is true when suction depth is zero and system voltage is 220V ± 10%.

Assembly and commissioning

To put AQUAROBOT М pump station into operation it is necessary:

  1. Connect the station to a consumer water supply system: connect PM / 5-3W output (1" thread female) to the main pipe of a consumer water supply system connecting all points of water intake.
  2. Connect the pump outlet with a check valve installed on PM / 5-3W: it is preferably to use flexible plastic hoses with diameter of 20mm. The end of the hose may be softened with hot water to facilitate the process. Tighten the hose ends by clamps. Place a strip cut out of a hose to ensure firm tightening. Connect the pump to rigid pipes only with a flexible hose with a length not less than 2 meters.
  3. Put the pump down into a water source. Follow diagram of the pump installation into reservoir. The pump submersion depth should not exceed 3 meters. Vertical distance from pressure tank to water surface should not exceed 30 meters. Distance from water reservoir bottom should be at least 30cm. Fix the pump in water reservoir, tie a hanger (3) (supplied with the station) to the pump lug. Fix the other end of the hanger on the bar (7) as shown in diagram of pump installation into reservoir. While submerging the pump into a well, put a protective ring on the pump (9). Fasten cable (5), hose (6) and hanger (2) by straps at intervals of 1 - 2 meters.
  4. Connect the station to 220V power source.
  5. The station is ready for operation.

The pump should not run more than 2 hours continuously.
After 2 hours of the pump continuous operation, take a 15-20 minute break.

Water freezing in the station in not admissible.
In winter, if there is a danger of water freezing, it is required to drain all water out of the station and the whole water system.

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