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AQUAROBOT JSW universal automatic pump stations are designed to deliver clean cold water containing no abrasive particles and long fibrous inclusions from shallow boreholes, wells, storage tanks and other water supply sources in automatic mode (switching on and off depending on water consumption) and to boost pressure in water main lines.

Advantages of AQUAROBOT universal automatic station

  • Automatically switched off in the absence of water in water supply system;
  • Automatically switched off when the pump impeller is jammed;
  • Stable operation when voltage drops to 120V;
  • Stable operation when critical suction depth is 8 meters or less in dynamic mode;
  • Adaptively maintains pressure in water supply system;
  • Automatically switched off in case of improper station connection to water supply source;
  • Possibility of adjustment of upper and lower pressure threshold.

Field of application

For autonomous water supply of small buildings, garden watering systems, small farms and for boosting pressure in water supply line. The stations are equipped with electronic device switching the pump off in the absence of water flow that protects the pump against dry running operation and improper assembly of equipment and water main line.

The content of mechanical admixtures in water must not be more than 100 g/m3; size of particles: not more than 1 mm. Temperature of pumped water: not more than 35°C.

AQUAROBOT JSW pump stations are able to suck water from the depth of 8m. AQUAROBOT JSW stations are assembled on the base of JET S submersible self-priming pumps (UNIPUMP trademark). Equipped with 24L pressure tank.

Operating principle of AQUAROBOT universal pump station

The pump station consists of 24L pressure tank, PM5-3W device (connecting PM-5 pressure switch, 5-way connector and pressure gauge) and AQUAROBOT TURBI equipped with a flow sensor installed on the pump discharge nozzle. Pressure switch controls the pump on/off.

Cut-in pressure is regulated within 1 - 2.5 bar, cut-off pressure - 1.8 - 4.5 bar. Factory settings are 1.5 and 3.0 bar respectively. Mechanical and electronic flow sensor with a microprocessor (developed by SUBLINE SERVISE, LLC) has high sensitivity (2 l/min) and provides the station reliable switching off in case of pressure switch failure and when the pump cannot produce operating pressure.

AQUAROBOT station provides reliable switching-off

  • in a well poor capacity mode (dry running);
  • in case of air absence in pressure tank (no pressure);
  • in case of water flow is lower than 2 liters per minute (leakage in main line);
  • in water level fluctuation dynamic mode in a well lower than 8 meters;
  • in case of improper assembly of equipment and water main line;

In case of emergency switching the pump off, it is required to remove the reason thereof and make restart.

Head and rate specification

Model Р, (kW) Capacity
Q, l/min 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
Q, мm3/h 0 0,6 1,2 1,8 2,4 3,0 3,6 4,2
JSW 55-24
1.0 Head,
40 35 30 27 24 21 15 3

* The data given above relating to maximum head and capacity is true when suction depth is zero and system voltage is 220V ± 10%.

Trademark: UNIPUMP
Manufacturer: UNIPUMP
Warranty:  24 months

All section equipment: UNIPUMP AQUAROBOT

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