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Pump station based on submersible vibration pump
12 months

AQUAROBOT VIBRA automatic water supply station based on submersible vibration pump — is designed to supply clean cold water not containing abrasive particles and fibrous inclusions from wells, boreholes with diameter of not less than 100mm and other sources in automatic mode (switched on and off depending on water consumption).

The station is equipped with an electronic unit for pump operation control and protection in case of dry-running, and any other emergency situations.

Pumping water containing dirt, sand, small stones and debris is prohibited. Water shall not contain particles with a linear dimension of more than 1mm. Total amount of mechanical impurities: not more than 100 g/m³. Permissible water temperature range: +1ºС …+30ºС at ambient temperature +1ºС ... + 40°C. Maximum pump operating submersion depth below water surface: 3 meters.

ATTENTION: For the station proper operation, vertical distance from the place of control unit with pressure tank installation up to water surface in a borehole or a well shall be not more than 30 m.


  1. System voltage, V - 220 ± 10%
  2. System frequency, Hz - 50 ± 1
  3. Rated power – not more than 245 W
  4. Current – not more than 3.7 А
  5. Cut-in pressure Рmin – 1.5 ± 0.5 bar
  6. Cut-off pressure Рmax – 3.0 ± 0.5 bar
  7. Min flow sensor sensibility - 2 l/min
  8. Max permissible water flow - 100 l/min
  9. Pressure tank capacity - 2 l
  10. Compressed air pressure in pressure tank – 1.0 - 1.2 bar
  11. Volumetric water supply, not less than (indicative values):
    from the depth of 20 m - 950 l/h
    from the depth of 30 m - 720 l/h

AQUAROBOT VIBRA station is produced on the base of UNIPUMP BAVLENETS vibration electric pump (Russia) with upper or lower water intake and 10, 15, 25 or 40 m electric cable.

The letter H in the marking of the station means lower water intake, B - upper water intake. The figure in the marking indicates the length of electric cable in meters. Month and year of the station manufacture is stated in Installation and Operation Manual.

Design and operating principle

The station consists of submersible vibration electric pump, pressure tank, AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 control unit, check valve and connector for flexible hose. The electric pump consists of three major components: yoke, vibrator and the pump base. The base has the holes covered with rubber valve. The flexible hose is fixed by clamp on the pump head. Water is supplied from pressure chamber bounded by rubber valve and piston. As a result of electromagnetic drive vibrations, the piston starts to reciprocate and pushes water under pressure out of the pump head. The pressure tank consists of steel housing with EPDM membrane inside thereof. There is an air pumped by pneumatic valve under pressure between housing and membrane. The pressure tank is designed for maintenance and smooth change of system pressure. AQUAROBOT TURBI M3 controls the pump switching on and off according to pressure and flow, and protects it in case of dry-running and other emergency situations. The unit automatically switches the pump on when the system pressure drops to specified value Pmin (1.5 ± 0.5 bar), and switches the pump off when the system pressure reaches the value Pmax (3.0 ± 0.5 bar). If due to some reasons the pump cannot create the system pressure Pmax, it is switched off with a thirty-second delay when water flow stops or flow rate reduces to 2 l/min, and it is automatically switched on when flow rate is more than 2 l/min but not earlier than in 2 seconds after shutdown. In this case the system pressure will be determined by the pump actual parameters. On the control unit top cover there are two alarm LEDs displaying the device operating mode: green “CONTROL” and red “ALARM”, and emergency mode reset button. Threaded nozzle is designed for pressure line connection.

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